Secondary School

Starting school is a big milestone for children and their families. We work hard to make sure the beginning of your child’s school adventure is as smooth and happy as possible.

Year 10 to Year 12 & A-Level
Programme Of Learning

Key Features

Our foundation level is designed to provide one-year-old children with a nurturing and stimulating environment where they can begin their educational journey.

We believe that children’s early years are critical for their development and we are dedicated to providing a high-quality educational experience that sets them up for success.



We value parent involvement and provide regular communication to create a strong partnership between parents and teachers in supporting the growth and development of our one-year-old students.



Our program places a strong emphasis on sensory play to help one-year-olds develop their senses and provide a foundation for future learning and development.



Our foundation level program for one-year-olds is designed with a focus on play-based learning to encourage engagement and fun while learning.



We prioritize language development through songs, stories, and interactive activities to help one-year-olds begin to develop their language skills.

Secondary School

Years 10, 11 and A-Level

Registration Fees
(File opening, Assessment, Seat reservation)
5000 SAR
Semester/Term Fees 18456 SAR
Annual School Fees (3 Terms) 55277 SAR
Registration Fees (File opening, Assessment, Seat reservation) 5000 SAR
Semester/Term Fees 21070 SAR
Annual School Fees (3 Terms) 63210 SAR

Skill Sheet

The skills sheet is a form that every student needs to fill before booking a seat in our school. It helps us understand the student’s skill level in various areas, so we can tailor our teaching approach to meet their individual needs and ensure success.

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