Building The Future

Join us at Royat Al-Ebtikar International School, where we create a nurturing
and inspiring environment for the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision!

To nurture a community of global citizens with Saudi values.

What Makes Us Awesome?



We use innovative teaching methods and technology to engage and inspire students.



Our multicultural education prepares students for a diverse and interconnected world.


& Nurturing

Our safe and nurturing environment promotes positive relationships and social-emotional development.

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Academic Programs!

From KS1 to KS4, we support students based on their ability, not age.
Primary School
Year 1 to Year 6
Middle School
Year 7 to Year 9
Secondary School
Years 10, 11 and A-Level

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We offer a 15% discount on the school fees for siblings.

International students will need to pay 15% VAT on the school fees.

Not yet. We are developing our transportation system.

Our school day has 2 mealtimes (breakfast and lunch). Students are strongly encouraged to pack healthy nutritious lunch boxes. The school cafeteria offers a variety of healthy food items that students can perches during mealtimes.

Students are welcomed at 8:15am and our school day ends at 1:50pm. All students should arrive before this time, so they don’t miss out on morning activities which affects their day flow.

Yes, we do have a school uniform that all children must wear. Students should wear with black or white shoes, and girls must have their hair tied or b raided during school.

Our school provides excellent bilingual education for students. We balance between using Arabic language and English language in our curriculum. All main subject such as Math, Science, and English language are being tough in English. Nevertheless we provide excellent quality teaching for Arabic language, Islamic studies and teachings of the holly Quraan.

Yes, we strongly encourage children to read at home every day. Students are given short homework tasks to reinforce their learning in the classroom. Homework tasks should not exceed 15-30 mins each day. We do not provide homework at the weekends as we see this as important, family time.

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